Friday, October 22, 2010

Quote Collection of the Week #1

From now on (hopefully), every Friday evening I will be posting all the funny quotes uttered by those around me (and sometimes by me as well) over the past week.

Joshua Ball: "Marcel only marries for freaking looks!"
Nick Leask: "I do that also."

"What's all the difference of Psalms?" - Nick Leask

"Sorry guys, it's getting way to spiritual here for me." - Nick Leask

"The galaxies and milky lane." - Nick Leask

"Just this morning, it's funny, I was reading this morning." - Nick Leask

"Jellyfishes are jellyfishes." - Fransie O'Brien

"Magnifying glass enlarges things as a telescope does... or microscope." - Nick Leask

"When people ask me, what like, finite verbs and that, I just go blank." - Nick Leask

"Guys, I'm naked if anyone's wondering." - Marcel Labuschagne
(i.e. If no one is wondering, he's not naked.)

"If my heart was a compass, you'd be home." - Aubrey Hlongwane
(Followed by: "If my house was a home, you'd be a heart")
(The original lyrics of the song: "If my heart was a house, you'd be home.")

"I've just been cutting ions." - Taryn O'Brien

"I'm not nice with quotes." - Alex Strecker

"I, like, break the speed of sound." - Nick Leask

"Hey guys, I'm in the bathroom, you chops." - Thembani Ketse

"We didn't go anywhere, we just went around the corner." - Daniel Smith

On a Friday night: "Is anyone going to be at school tomorrow?" - Nick Leask

And here's my favourite:
"How many fishes are in a kilogram?" - Nick Leask

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