Friday, October 29, 2010

Quote Collection of the Week #2

Hope you enjoy :)

"Humans are very weird people." - Marcel Labuschagne

"When you see someone with amazing talent like that, makes you feel like you should be really good at something, but you're not." - Joshua Ball

"All I can hear is everything." - Daniel Smith

"Ten seconds after minute one." - Riaan Niemand

"I hate it when people look at me." - Riaan Niemand

"24-carat gold diamond." - Daniel Smith

"Craft the finest pizza with exotic tomatoes and the most forbidden cheese." - MySims Agents on DS
(Am I even allowed to eat that?)

"Stop being a modern-day turkey, listen..." - Nick Leask

Aubrey Hlongwane: "Is is ok if I use this book?"
Carol Dacre: "Yes."
Aubrey: "Good, 'cause I already have."

Thembani Ketse: "Hehehe..."
Daniel Smith: "What's that, Thembani?"
Thembani: "It's me laughing."

"We're pretty much just running programs." - Nick Leask

"One-horse onion sleigh..." - Nick Leask

"Just he was born and he was Dan." - Nick Leask

"Indecent Experience." - Daniel Smith

"Which is probable for the best." - unknown

"The tertiary pronoun 'them'." - Daniel Smith

"Electricity of Demand." - Piet-Hein van Eeghen

"I doubt it... No, definitely. Yes." - Julie Smith

"Males and e-males." - Piet-Hein van Eeghen

And here's my favourite:
"The food at the party wasn't good, 'cause I'm feeling sick. Must be that party food." - Nick Leask

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